Dragonspeed Drum Speed Key

Every drummer loves dragons, right? Just in time for Christmas, introducing Dragonspeed, the perfect gift for drummers! This is a heavy, solid bronze speed key that not only looks awesome but it will improve your ability to change drum heads and tune your kit quickly.

Buy more than one of our keys and use coupon code DRUMKEYDEAL to get 15% off. There are also no quantity or usage limits for this coupon.

June Sale

The Centurion - Old-World Warrior pendant



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Custom Drum Keys

The Emperor - custom bronze drum tuning key - side view

Custom drum keys are coming!

Pictured is The Emperor, the first in what we expect to be a line of custom drum keys.  These are unlike any other so go ahead, search google, you won’t find anything like it.  If you want one, get it here at Instinctively Savage.

These aren’t available in our store just yet so please be patient, they’ll be available soon!

Click on a picture in the gallery for a closer look