Stately – Extra Large Sterling Silver Cross



With the popularity of our small Solemn cross and customers asking for something similar and large, we’re now offering Stately, a larger version of Solemn but with small modifications to accomodate the large size.

We have not yet received chains but will be offering a large, 5mm ball chain with this cross or, use your own chain like many of our customers.

Please note that this is a large cross, larger than any of our other offerings or what you’ll find at other sellers so if you’re looking for something small to medium, we have other crosses available.

2.95″ x 1.74″ x .1″ (75.7mm x 44.2mm x 2.53mm) and .56 Troy Oz.

The jump ring on this cross has an 8mm inside diameter and can accomodate a chain up to 6mm thick, though a 6.5mm chain may work depending on the style.


**** Please note that all VAT/customs fees for customers outside the U.S. are the responsibility of the customer. ****


Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in