Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me a one-off custom piece?

Yes, but most don’t have the stomach for it.  The amount of time that goes into a custom, one-off design is significant.  Iterations from the design process alone can consume many hours so even in a best case scenario, it’s hundreds of dollars.  While a one-off piece is possible, it’s not for most.  If you’re one of the few, contact us.


What is your privacy policy?

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Other Questions

Will my product be identical to the one pictured?

Every piece is molded, cast, cleaned, polished and if applicable, antiqued by hand.  Because of this, while the pictures represent the exact model that is cast in metal, each piece will vary slightly from piece to piece. 

Who designs your jewelry?

All jewelry, drum keys and other items are designed by Bob Savage.

Does Instinctively Savage outsource it’s manufacturing?

Yes, we partner with a casting company in the U.S.A. Every piece goes through a stringent QA process both by our casting partner before it’s shipped to Instinctively Savage and again by Instinctively Savage before it’s shipped to the customer.  Please note that we do not manufacture chains – our chains are made in the U.S.A. or Italy by other manufacturers.